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Chatbox Keyboard Shortcuts

Application Window

ActionMacOSWindows / Linux
Show/Hide the Application Window`Alt`

Conversation Navigation

ActionMacOSWindows / Linux
Navigate to the Next ConversationCtrlTab
Navigate to the Previous ConversationShiftCtrlShiftTab
Navigate to the Specific Conversation1/2/3/..Ctrl1/2/3/..
Create a New ConversationNCtrlN
Create a New Image-Creator ConversationShiftNCtrlShiftN


ActionMacOSWindows / Linux
Focus on the Input BoxICtrlI
Insert New Line in the Input BoxShiftShift
Send Without Generating ResponseCtrl
Refresh Context, Start a New ThreadRAltR
Quickly Insert the Previous Historical Input (in input box)
Quickly Insert the Next Historical Input (in input box)


ActionMacOSWindows / Linux
Show/Hide the Search DialogKCtrlK
Navigate to the Previous Option (in search dialog)
Navigate to the Next Option (in search dialog)
Select the Current Option (in search dialog)