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Chatbox AI Service FAQs

What is Chatbox AI Service?

Chatbox AI Service is an easy-to-use AI online service in Chatbox software. It connects you with the world’s most advanced AI technologies, boosting your productivity at work and in your studies.Chat with the AI to get fast answers and create customized text, images, or code.

Chatbox AI is powered by the most advanced AI model available on the market, delivering a ready-to-use, easily accessible, and consistently fast online service that caters to a wide array of countries and regions. Experience a boost in work efficiency with AI, and pay only the cost price for the underlying model.

What is the difference between using Chatbox AI and my own API key?

Chatbox AI offers a service that is more convenient, stable, high-speed, and user-friendly than what you might experience by using your own API key. You have the option to access AI models using Chatbox with your own API key. However, utilizing your personal key involves managing network connectivity, maintaining your account, and tackling various technical challenges. Furthermore, the Chatbox software cannot guarantee the reliability or quality of service when using your own API key.

With Chatbox AI services, you can set aside those worries. Chatbox AI has the official permission to employ these models, providing a plug-and-play, easily accessible, and highly dependable online service. You only pay for the actual backend costs, and in return, you benefit from the productivity improvements enabled by AI technology.

What's the difference between Chatbox AI 3.5 and 4.0?

Both Chatbox AI 3.5 and 4.0 are part of the same globally advanced AI model series, with slight variations in their underlying model versions.

  • Chatbox AI 3.5 offers the fastest response times and is ideal for everyday conversations and text-related tasks, such as translation, article summarization, and content generation.
  • Chatbox AI 4 provides enhanced performance across the board, particularly in scenarios that require logical reasoning abilities, like programming questions and code generation.

What is the AI Drawing feature?

With Chatbox AI, you can create unique and original images in a way that was never possible before. Simply type in a description of your desired picture, such as “a cartoon cat drinking coffee,” and Chatbox AI will bring your vision to life.

As you are, in theory, the creator of the image, you have the right to assert copyright and determine how the image is utilized. However, it is crucial to ensure the image is not deployed in any manner that violates local laws or offends public decency.

Data Privacy and Security

Chatbox places the utmost importance on your data privacy and security. While using the Chatbox app, all of your chat messages and settings data are stored locally on your device. Without your permission, Chatbox will not upload any of your data to its servers.

When you utilize the Chatbox AI model service within the Chatbox app (which is the recommended approach), the messages you send to AI, along with some context and any images or files you upload, will be transmitted to the Chatbox AI service to generate AI responses. The Chatbox AI service only uses the data you send to produce AI replies, and your data may be temporarily stored on Chatbox AI's servers to expedite responses for subsequent inquiries. Chatbox AI does not permanently store your data and will not use it for other purposes, including but not limited to advertising, model training, or any other commercial use.

Aside from using the Chatbox AI model service, when you utilise third-party API services to operate other models within the Chatbox app, we cannot guarantee the privacy and security of your data. You will need to review the privacy policy and service terms of these third-party model services to understand how your data may be used. If you prioritize your privacy and security, please consider choosing Chatbox AI Service.

Where is my data stored?

Your chat history is stored locally, and your order information is securely stored on LemonSqueezy and the Chatbox backend database. We take your data and privacy security very seriously – for details, please check our privacy policy.

Cost Disclosure

Chatbox AI Lite

As of June 2023, the underlying cost for the 3.5 model is between $(0.0015+0.002)/2 and $0.002 per thousand tokens. The monthly service cost is [$(0.0015+0.002)/2 to $0.002] x 2,000,000 / 1,000 = $3.5 to $4. The price range reflects the price differentiation between input and output tokens.

Chatbox AI Pro

As of June 2023, the 4 model cost is $0.06 per thousand tokens, while the 3.5 model costs $0.002 per thousand tokens. The monthly service cost is $0.06 x 300 + $0.002 x 1,000 = $20.

How are tokens billed and used?

Chatbox uses a token-based billing algorithm that is consistent with the underlying model. Each generation session is billed based on the total number of tokens in the historical messages plus the newly generated responses.On average, one English word is approximately equivalent to 1.4 tokens, and a single Chinese character is about 3.5 tokens.

How do I upgrade/cancel my License package?

You can view past orders, subscriptions, and License information, and find options to manage subscriptions here.

If you wish to upgrade your package, or have any other questions, please email [email protected]

Any other questions, suggestions, or concerns?

If you have any other inquiries, suggestions, or encounter any errors or issues, please email [email protected]